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Hack Admin Password in Windows 7

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Hack Admin Password in Windows 7

Post by DND-OMZ on Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:05 pm

For educational use only:

Ito ang tricks kung pano ma ka log in sa admin account.

1. power up pc. hold power button until pc completely turned off.
2. again, power up pc. this time don't hold power button.
3. select launch start-up repair (recommended)
4. sa startup repair tab, click view problem details.
5. punta ka sa pinaka bottom, open mo link na may .txt
6. may na open na notepad, dun sa notepad click ka sa file at punta ka sa C:/windows/system32. hanapin mo yung sethc.exe at erename mo nang sethc1.exe para ma backup-han mo ang file.
7. hanapin mo ang cmd.exe at copy then paste.
8. rename mo yung cmd na kinapy mo nang sethc.exe
9. exit
10. start up pc.
11. sa log in screen, click shift key 5 times.
12. lalabas ang command promt.
13. type mo type "net user" without quote
14. makikita mo ang ibang mga user accounts.
15. type "net user tama *". change tama to user name nagusto mong e hack. my space between tama and * mark.
16. type password. walang mag aappear, pag type mo pero meron yan.
17. retype password.
18. makikita mo "the command completed successfully"
19. exit command prompt.
20. punta ka sa user account na pinalitan mo, at type mo bago mong password na ginawa kanina.

sana maka tulong
salamat cheers

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